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Well, the camera guy came out and looked in our line, and we got an estimate! Click here for the exciting results! )

Word to the wise: if you buy a house? Ever? Call someone to run a camera down the sewer line before you close on the house. Roto-Rooter says they'll do it for $210. It would have been money well-spent, and I wish we'd known such a thing was possible before now. Oy.
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...but also in the Fun Home-Ownership Department, some bees have decided to start building a hive on our garage wall.

Good times, yo.

Jet Truck!

Jul. 3rd, 2006 07:50 am
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Got a call from R-R about twenty minutes ago. The Jet Truck will be here between 8-8:30!

*does impromptu interpretive dance in praise of the Jet Truck*

[Update, 8:54 a.m.: He's here! Yays! (And the Jet Truck? Really more of a trailer thingy pulled behind a pickup. Not quite as impressive as I'd imagined/hoped, but the guy is really nice. Also says he's not sure he can fix the problem either. o_O That? Would not be of the good.]

[Update, 9:27 a.m.: He had to tap into our water line, which is fine, except that the faucet outside is leaky. I didn't realize how leaky until I went into the garage, and found water. More water in our shed. Oh yays! The other spigot isn't turned on, and I have a sinking feeling it's because that one leaks as well, possibly into the house. I don't plan to find out -- not today, at any rate.]

[Update, 9:57 a.m.: Jet Truck Guy is gone. He says we're good to go. They'll be sending out a camera crew later (for free! yays!) to take a look-see and decide what to do next... but I can do laundry now! Hooray! So... we may not be completely out of the woods yet -- he mentioned roots, and possible structural damage -- but it's looking better.]
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...for us, at least, isn't Snakes on a Plane, it's Snakes in a Drain!!

The Jet Truck doesn't run on weekends, so we have to wait until tomorrow. So no laundry, but apparently the dishwasher can still run without backing up into the house. I'm sure the hostas are thrilled.

So, to pass the time... a poll! Read more... )
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So, if the Jet Truck can't fix the problem, we don't pay for it. Which is good.

But then it means our problem won't be solved. Which is bad.

I'm guessing next they try a small tactical nuke?
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Great Maker!

Roto-Rooter is at our house. They ran the auger thingy 25 feet out from our house, and... Click! You know the suspense is killing you! )

And somehow? I cannot stop laughing.
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And how am I rewarded? By the drain lines backing up. Again.


I ask for so little, and boy do I get it.

Guess it's time to call the plumbers. Again.
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... in the kitchen, at least.

I love to bake. Love it, love it, love it. But Zip is on a diet, which means I don't get to do it very often. This weekend, however, I have a unique opportunity... friends of ours are having a barbeque at their house, and asked guests to bring side dishes. So I'm bringing dessert.

This afternoon has been consumed with making cheesecake cupcakes with sweet sour cream frosting (ghoulchick, you know the ones I mean). Those are specifically for the hosts, who have a brand new baby at home and deserve a treat. (Especially the mom, who recently left a high-pressure full-time TV job to stay at home with their son.)

Then, once those were out and I had a chance to clean up the mixer, I made dough for sugar cookies. I'll let the dough chill overnight and bake those tomorrow. (ghoulsis, you probably remember these too... remember we used to color the sugar with food coloring before smooshing the little dollops of dough onto the cookie sheet?) Let's face it, any recipe that starts out with a pound of butter has GOT to be good.

The cheesecake is fabulous. (I had to try one -- you know, to make sure it turned out alright. Heh.) I tried a bit of the cookie dough, and it's wonderful. I can't wait until tomorrow when I can fill the whole house with wonderful almondy-vanilla-y baking smells...

AND, I only have two more questions to do on my plant hormone exam, which is due Monday (I've done five already). AND, I did a home improvement project today! But I can't tell you what it is yet, because Zip hasn't seen it. (It's a surprise... shhh...)
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DH and I finally decided on a paint color for the nursery! I have to admit, we were inspired by my sister's recent home improvements, and I realized tonight that if I don't get off my butt and paint the nursery now, it might never get done. So... we sat upstairs for a while with the paint chips we gathered a few weeks ago at Lowe's, and decided on a sagey-green called Forest. (It is, in fact, not entirely unlike the background of my LJ.) We wanted to continue with beachy colors, since we're in sort of a theme in the house, but wanted to go more toward green rather than blue (since we already have two blue rooms already). This was in a little pamphlet that had a room with nice ocean blues and a distressed off-white for trim, and the table and chairs were in this forest color. It looked so good! Not quite seafoam, but in that same vein. And we already have sage green curtains to match!

So tonight I taped off the woodwork, and after DH gets home from getting my car serviced he's going to pick up some paint. Yippee!! I can probably knock out the first coat tomorrow after I get home from school, let it dry overnight, then do the second coat tomorrow afternoon when I get him home from getting his tooth worked on.

I can't even tell you how excited I am!! Whee!!!
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I'm so excited -- DH and I managed to successfully complete an actual home improvement project! Even though it required me climbing up into our hot hot attic and digging through insulation to make sure the light housing was adequately tied into the ceiling joists, and a second trip to HD because the first light kit we bought there didn't work with the fan we bought, in the end we prevailed.

And I even wired it right! The light switch turns on the light, the fan switch turns on the fan (we have two switches on the wall, so we don't have to do the chain thing), and so far the house hasn't caught on fire. I can't believe my good fortune! Verily, it is a Festivus Miracle!

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