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So, I'm trying to compile a list of songs to put on my mp3 player to listen to/from school. I need some kind of asskicking mix that will help me to not freak out OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO GET A PHD AAAAAAAAAAAAAPTHTHTHTH!!!!!!!!! *collapses*

Any suggestions? Also, science-related songs are cool too. :)
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I've decided to start school this fall.

I think I can make the finances work out. It'll be close, but I believe we'll be okay. And if we're not, I'll figure something out. In the end, I've realized that academia is my intellectual home. That's where my comfort zone is, where I belong.

I'm a nerd. I should go be with my people.

And as for the details, as Delenn says, faith manages.
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I'm trying to work out the financial aspects of going to school this September, and I think I nearly have it worked out. Oddly, it's cheaper on the surface for me to buy a garage pass than to take the Metro, but when you factor in gasoline, it'll probably be cheaper to take the Metro over time.

Problem is, I can't figure out the damned bus schedule. These maps make NO sense whatsoever. I have to transfer downtown, but I can't figure out which bus to take! How is it possible that I have two college degrees, and yet I can't read a frakking bus schedule??


However, there's a Park and Ride very close to our house, so I could drop X at daycare and then hop the Metro to school. It might be worth a shot.

If I can figure out this stupid map.
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Yeah, so... the disaster job is still posted, and still no call. I'm gonna guess at this point that I'm out of the running.

No word from UC yet on if my reference letters have gotten there. I guess that's what I'll start putting my mental energy toward now. I had a dream the other night that I was teaching again. It was biology, and it felt good, and I was good.

(No, I don't believe in signs. I'm just sayin'.)

And if that's how it plays out, that's fine. I can look forward to the summer, hopefully spending more time with [ profile] ghoulchick and her kids during the day. The new marketing director hinted that they may want to keep me on in a different job. *shrug* Depends on the job, I guess. And the money.

And if not... well, I can still email UCC. In fact, I may do that tomorrow, just as a safety.

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