ghoulsis: (tea dammit!) I'm sick. Yay.

And we have family coming to visit on Saturday. Oh, great.
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As if the headache/congestion/sinus pressure/achiness/general crappy feeling wasn't already enough...

One of our neighbors got one of those obnoxious mini-bikes for Christmas. You know the ones, that look like a regular motorcycle but sized for a 10-year-old? (Or, as Zip suggested, it looks like maybe someone mistakenly ran it through the wash on hot.) The recipient has been driving it up and down our street. Up and down and up and down and up and down and... with this lovely moped-like engine noise (fweeeeeeeeeeee!).

Anyone have some stop sticks I can borrow? I'll give 'em right back, I promise. I just need 'em for, like, five minutes. Anybody?
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So of course now, during my last week of work, I seem to be coming down with a sinus infection. And since I'm pregnant, I can't take any of the good stuff that'll allow me to sleep.


I guess I should be glad that this hit after I finished my thesis. But damn. Couldn't it have waited until I wasn't going to work anymore?

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I brought our kitty home from the vet this morning. She's still not quite acting like herself -- very clumsy, and didn't seem to know where she was when I brought her in the house. (She did stop growling when she heard my voice, though, so that's an encouraging sign.)

The vet is having us feed her antibiotics with a dropper for the next three weeks or so. Fun. AND! There's more! They gave us a plaque-fighting mouthwash! Yes, folks, mouthwash for my cat. It's in a little squeeze bottle. The directions say to use it when brushing isn't possible, after every meal. Crap, even *I* don't manage to brush after every meal. I mean, if I'd known to do this when she was a kitten, I *might* have had some success. But now? She's seven, for crying out loud. I'm not in the mood to have my eyes gouged out by her failing back claws every day.

I'll give it a shot, of course. But the only conclusion I can draw is that our vet wants our cat to think I'm the Devil.

Hopefully after our kitty gets used to being home and the anesthesia wears off completely, she'll be back to her old self. As it is, she's refusing saucers of milk, which is very unusual and has me worried. Maybe her mouth is sore. I hope that's all it is. She at least ate her dinner, but she was very tentative about it. Poor baby.

[8:30 pm... Edited to add: Yup, she thinks I'm the Devil. Ugh. It's much, MUCH more challenging to pull up the lips of a squirming kitty to get to her teeth than, say, a dog. The antibiotic went down ok -- it's a liquid and has to be administered with a dropper, but I managed to squeeze it all down the hatch on the second try or so. The mouthwash is a joke, a sick mofo joke.]
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We have to take our kitty to the vet tomorrow to have her teeth cleaned. They have to put her under to do it, so no eating or drinking after 9 pm tonight. And, they're keeping her overnight. Arrgh.

I hate doing this. I know it needs to be done, since she's almost seven years old and nipping this problem in the bud will help ensure her health in her later years. But I also know how dangerous it is to be knocked unconscious, whether you're a person or a kitty. I just feel so bad for my little baby. I don't want her to be scared, but I can't be there with her to hold her while they put her under either. I just wish I could explain to her what's going to happen and why.

Her daddy will take her to the vet tomorrow on his way to work, and then I'll pick her up the following morning after I get out of class. What a rotten way to spend the first day of classes.
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I feel icky, oh so icky...

I've been feeling nauseous all day... except when I eat. When I eat, I feel a little better. Not a lot, just a little. And, my chest is sore, which hasn't happened since I went off the pill in March. Weird crampy pains in my lower abdomen, mostly dull and achy but occasionally sharp/pinchy. Oh, and the sore throat that won't go away. That's fun too. And so tired I just wanna crawl back in bed, even when I just got up. Bleah.

I don't feel pregnant, so I wish that whatever it is I have would go away so I can feel normal again. I test in about a week.

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