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I can't believe it. It still hasn't sunk in. I keep looking at the test and staring at that second line, like I think it's going to go away or something.

I hope little Natto decides to stick around.
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I feel icky, oh so icky...

I've been feeling nauseous all day... except when I eat. When I eat, I feel a little better. Not a lot, just a little. And, my chest is sore, which hasn't happened since I went off the pill in March. Weird crampy pains in my lower abdomen, mostly dull and achy but occasionally sharp/pinchy. Oh, and the sore throat that won't go away. That's fun too. And so tired I just wanna crawl back in bed, even when I just got up. Bleah.

I don't feel pregnant, so I wish that whatever it is I have would go away so I can feel normal again. I test in about a week.

Yay egg!

Jun. 13th, 2004 04:18 pm
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I OVULATED!! I can't even tell you how excited I am about this turn of events. It happened around midnight Wednesday. How do I know, you ask? Well, the O pain was bad enough that it woke me up and kept me awake for a half hour in the middle of the night with its Mighty Throbbing Pinchiness, but that's ok! I have an egg!

So hopefully our timing was okay. I think it was. I'm very hopeful. My temps shot WAY up for three days, then today they took a huge nosedive. They should go back up in a day or two. And even though I'm not a huge believer in implantation dips, I can't help but think maybe that's what it is... I hope I hope I hope!!

I'll write in a bit about my adventures up north... now onward to the dreaded Two Week Wait!
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I just got done posting to someone on FF about using herbs for trying to get pregnant... with her last kid she got pregnant after taking an herb for one month, but couldn't remember what it was -- she thought it was either black cohosh or dong quai. Um... NO. Both those are emmenagogues, and are used to cause uterine contractions, ripen the cervix, induce abortions, or speed labor. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Probably NOT good things to take if you're TRYING to get pregnant!

Why do people persist in this belief that if it's "natural" and it's an herb that it must be safe to use anytime for any reason?? After all, arsenic is natural. So is hemlock. Jeesh, do some research before you start popping random pills from the health food store! Am I the only person who's seen the battles going on in Congress about labeling these things? But no, let's not have warnings on the labels. By all means. Let's just let people figure it out the hard way, no?

Don't get me wrong... I believe in the power of herbs. Herbs can be used BY SOMEONE WHO IS KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THEIR EFFECTS to treat a wide variety of illnesses and imbalances. However, like any medicine, if misused these herbs can be terribly dangerous. And it is because of that belief in their power that this kind of thing chaps my hide. Most of our powerful medications come from natural sources -- plants, bacteria, etc. Same thing with toxins, psychotropic drugs, etc. Herbs ALSO come from natural sources. Do I have to connect the dots any more plainly than that?

But by all means, let's stock up on whatever herbs sound good, whether we know what they do or not. *sigh*
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Man, just when I thought I had things figured out...

It would appear that my trip downstate to plant last week seriously messed up my ovulation this month. My little egg is definitely late. I'm really frustrated because I had just about all the signs lined up right -- ferning on the spit scope, fertile cervical fluid, etc... and then my temps failed to rise after my fluid dried up. Ugh.

So today, when my temp drops (again), I get very fertile fluid abruptly. But no ferning on the scope. WTF??

So I guess it's back to work... still hopeful that my ovulation will be late, and that I'm not having an anovulatory cycle. That would really suck.

Everyone do the cheer with me:
2, 4, 6, 8, c'mon body, ovulate!
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It's looking more and more like I'm having an anovulatory cycle this time... temps are all over the place, and my signals are conflicting. I haven't lost hope yet, but things aren't looking too good. I'm hopeful that maybe O was just delayed and is still on its way. But it's looking more and more like this cycle is a bust. Ah well. But if I can't get pg this time, it would be nice if at the very least this migraine would go away. This is Day 3, and I already had last weekend ruined by a migraine. That hardly seems fair.
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Well, so much for feeling pregnant. AF hunted me down tonight as I relaxed on the couch, watching STIII. Ah well. At least now I know.
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Still no AF. Still neg hpt. Temps held steady again this morning. Interested to see what tomorrow may bring, but here's my prediction: big temp nosedive, as cramps have returned (um, yay?) as has the migraine (THANKS BRAIN, just in time for the weekend no less).

I keep hoping maybe the migraine is due to a huge spike in hcg, like maybe Natto abruptly realized s/he was going to be evicted soon if s/he didn't start secreting hormones, like, now. But that's probably wishful thinking. Ah well. *sigh*

Spent all day yesterday and half of today planting soybeans out at the experiment station. It was nice to spend some time outside in the sun and do something sufficiently mentally taxing to get my mind off Natto for a little while... but not so mentally taxing as to make my brain tired.

Then again, my brain DOES hurt. Damn stupid migraine.
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Still no AF, still neg hpt. No sign of AF anywhere. *Peers through binoculars*

Man, I hope Natto is in there.
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The migraine pretty much went away on its own. I took a Tylenol (generic, Acetasomethingorother that I can't spell w/o looking it up) last night, which took the edge off enough so I could fall asleep. This morning, nada. Gone. And without taking Imitrex, which is weird (and unusual).

Temps went down today, AF hasn't arrived. No cramps. I don't get it.

Time will tell... feeling oddly peaceful about the whole thing today. Probably just my lizard-brain preparing me for bad news.

And before you say it, no, I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist.
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Another BFN (big fat neg) on the HPT this morning. Temp went down, but only by a tenth so that certainly doesn't seem like an AF-imminent drop to me. Plus I always have major cramps the day of AF and that just isn't happening today.

Unfortunately, though, a migraine has found me, which is usually a sign that a) something is whacko-jacko with my hormones, or b) I'm about to get AF (which is related to a). But I can't take Imitrex to kill it off because it's not safe for use during pregnancy, so on the off chance I might be pg... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wanna EFFING CUT MY HEAD OFF!!!!! Unfortunately, while relieving the pain, this would also end the pregnancy. So that's not an option either.

But the most worrisome part is, maybe this migraine means that the little bean didn't stick after all. I'll be so sad if that's the case. Hubby and I have already named our maybe-baby Natto, like the Japanese sticky bean on Iron Chef. We want a sticky bean, one that'll stick around for the full 40 weeks.

I feel SO pregnant. My. God. My whole body has just gone effing berserk, and if I'm not pg, I'm terrified of finding out what's wrong with me, b/c it must be bad.

AF is due today, and no signs of that hag so far... so I guess I could say I'm officially late. Which probably means I'll wake up to blood-soaked sheets in the morning, knowing my luck. Barring that, however, I'll keep peeing on sticks until I get my BFP, or AF arrives... and if neither one happens, I guess it'll be time to see the doc.



May. 17th, 2004 08:36 am
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Another big fat negative on the ol' home pregnancy test this morning. As if to taunt me, my temperatures went up AGAIN. Bwah-ha-ha!!!

The spouse thinks it's likely that I'll wind up being one of those bizarre women who doesn't score a + on their hpt until they're already, like, two or three months pregnant. So I figure if, in another week, my temps still haven't gone down and the monthly flood hasn't yet arrived AND I'm still hpt neg, I'm going to call the doc and ask for a blood test. A quantitative beta hCG, as I recall.

And if I'm not pg, well, I'll need to see the doc anyway, to find out why my hormones are this screwed up. And also to find out if this nausea + sore throat I've had for four days now is strep or something, because it's NOT going away on its own.
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Um... ok, here I am. I don't remember how I started the last one of these, so I'll just open by saying I'm trying to get knocked up and feel sick as a dog right now, so I'm really hoping that means I'm pg and not that I'm coming down with the flu.

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