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I can't remember the last time I had this many pointless conversations in a single day. )

Why isn't it 6:00 yet??
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I swear I'm not making this up. )

Update: 3:00 pm. Apparently stupid/pointless phone calls are catching. )

Be honest, now... am I being unclear?
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Among other things, I will not miss...

- having to hear "Sara Smile" on the radio. *smites Hall and Oates*
- having to see notes left on the computer that make me cringe. Today's note? "Call a plummer" [sic]


In other news, I'm feeling a little jittery and maybe lightheaded, but otherwise the withdrawal symptoms have been minimal. Hope that trend continues.
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...I got an email from HR this morning. The RC job is, in a word, gone.
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Here's why. )

OMG I'm sleepy. How is everyone else today?
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I just got a call about a job interview. Read more... )
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I hope my instincts are wrong. Read more... )
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Yeah, so... the disaster job is still posted, and still no call. I'm gonna guess at this point that I'm out of the running.

No word from UC yet on if my reference letters have gotten there. I guess that's what I'll start putting my mental energy toward now. I had a dream the other night that I was teaching again. It was biology, and it felt good, and I was good.

(No, I don't believe in signs. I'm just sayin'.)

And if that's how it plays out, that's fine. I can look forward to the summer, hopefully spending more time with [ profile] ghoulchick and her kids during the day. The new marketing director hinted that they may want to keep me on in a different job. *shrug* Depends on the job, I guess. And the money.

And if not... well, I can still email UCC. In fact, I may do that tomorrow, just as a safety.
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Finally got a lead, after two hours and nothing. Called the new marketing dude on the two-way to let him know the fax was on the way.

Me: C*, I'm sending you a lead.
Him: Wahoo!!!
Me: Wow, that's more enthusiasm than I heard out of the last two guys put together.
Him: [loud footsteps] [breathlessly] I'm running to the fax machine!

A few moments later...
[phone chirps]
Him: The fax is coming through! WAHOO!!
Me: [why isn't he sharing his drugs with me? Woe] Um, yay? Yay!
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One of the designers (who used to be the manager here, but now he's got some other hoity-toity title) complained to me today someone kill me now )
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...the boss saw the light! WE'RE GOING TO BE CLOSED ON MEMORIAL DAY!!!

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Except, of course, when I do.

Remember the Dumbest Marketing Director Ever in the History of the World? He got fired.



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Scuttlebutt at the main office is that we'll be working both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

You have GOT to be shitting me. Do you really think people are going to go shopping for closet organization systems on those days?

'Cause when I have a day off from work, my first thought isn't a picnic or a barbeque. It's not a trip out of town. I want to build a home office!

Yeah, me neither. *stabbity*

And yanno? At a normal job, if I had to be there on a holiday, I'd at least get a bonus of some kind. Holiday pay, time and a half, something. We ain't gettin' jack.


Apr. 26th, 2006 03:48 pm
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I despise that "Take a letter, Maria" song. (Particularly offensive, given the date.)

Hate, hate, hate.

*stabs radio*

Is it 7:00 yet?
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I applied tonight for a job which a) is in my field (more or less), b) I'm qualified for, c) would allow me to use my degree, and d) I think I'd actually enjoy.

Which probably means I won't get a call.

But if I do, by some miracle, get a call... a poll! Read more... )
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I start on Friday! WOOOOOOO!!!!!! *happydances*

It's... the job I interviewed for yesterday. That he reposted to craigslist after I left. HUH?

Never mind that. I don't care. I.HAVE.A.JOB!!!

([ profile] ghoulchick: can you babysit X starting around 1:00 until, say, 3:30 or so on Friday when Zip gets home from work?)
ghoulsis: (doc brown)'s short-term temp only, but if I can find a sitter for Wed/Thurs afternoon, I can take it.

[ profile] ghoulchick, I tried calling but can't get in touch with you -- I suspect you're at field. On the off chance you happen to log in, please call me!!

[Update: [ profile] ghoulchick saves the day! I took the job!! Of course, it's only for two, maybe three days... but I'll take what I can get.]
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So of course now, during my last week of work, I seem to be coming down with a sinus infection. And since I'm pregnant, I can't take any of the good stuff that'll allow me to sleep.


I guess I should be glad that this hit after I finished my thesis. But damn. Couldn't it have waited until I wasn't going to work anymore?

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So first my balance... which abruptly seems to be functioning properly since I returned from lunch (*boggles*) for no particular reason.

Then I check my email, and get a notice that my friend group on the fertility board has a message. I go read it. It's from the girl who's been trying to get pregnant for four and a half years, and she and hubby gave up almost five months ago, started looking into adoption, etc. She's finishing her MBA. He left this morning for his deployment. And guess what? She's pregnant. I'm so incredibly happy for her, but at the same time... WTF?? *boggles again*

Anyone else having a strange day?

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